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Accounting and bookkeeping support

Neatly kept and organised accounting records are essential for managing your business effectively. We invite you to benefit from our latest technology bookkeeping tools!

Invoices are digitalized and processed by a customized electronic approval workflow. You and your colleagues review and approve all invoices electronically on a computer or a mobile device. Your documents are archived electronically, following Swiss law and in line with financial audit standards. Bank accounts are effectively reconciled automatically daily or weekly based on your business needs. Our electronic interface allows you access to your latest financial information, every time and from everywhere.


We can support you with:

  • Digitalized accounting process

  • Project specific accounting and reporting

  • Accounts payable processing

  • Electronic payment process and bank reconciliation

  • Billing and dunning process

  • Electronic tools to efficiently manage your (credit card) expenses

  • Payroll processing

  • Registration and reporting of social security and fringe benefits

  • Compilation, review, and reporting of quarterly VAT declaration


Stakeholder often require a commonly known accounting standard like IFRS or USGAAP when a company envisages a larger financing round, starts considering M&A activities with international companies or when a public offering is planned.


We can assist you with special accounting task like:

  • Conversion of local GAAP to IFRS and first-time adoption of IFRS

  • Preparation of listing prospectus or financial documentation for alternative financing sources

  • Valuation, accounting, and management of share-based compensation plans (stock options, RSU, PSU, etc.) and in accordance with IFRS 2

  • Revenue recognition challenges under IFRS 15 for biotech companies, like

    • R&D collaboration agreement with FTE deployment

    • Risk sharing collaboration agreements

    • performance obligations

    • right of return and right to use of IP licences

    • variable performance obligations, and more

  • Conversion to new IFRS 16 lease accounting

  • Support for government projects (accounting & reporting)


Whether you need to bring your accounting records up to speed for an upcoming financial audit, upcoming meetings with investors or apply for a bank loan, our professional team will help you to bring your accounting records on track.

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