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Financial Management

Cash is King in early-stage companies and efficient capital management can make the difference between success and early failure. I have experienced this intensive environment between fundraises and alternative financing sources and I understand the difficult choices that biotech companies must make from time to time. By helping you prepare a sound and realistic budget and cash flow forecast, we trust to deliver a solid ground for decisions to manage your business proactively. 

When looking into assets deals, partnership agreements or financing opportunities, the integrity and correctness of your books and financials will go a long way to increasing the confidence and trust with your stakeholders. Few things can be worse than having disorganized or incorrect financial records when entering negotiations.

Today’s corporate governance practices require board and management to have in place a reliable system of internal controls (ICS) to protect the company’s assets. We understand the needs of an ICS for biotech companies which should be at the same time efficient, smart and to the point without obstructing the daily business. We can assist you with a fast implementation or you take advantage of our accounting and bookkeeping services, which incorporate best practise of segregation of duties and in-process controls and documentation.

Accounting for Biotech companies

From our extensive experience with biotech companies, we understand the accounting and reporting requirements that arise from manging a biotech business. From valuation of intangible assets, revenue recognition from R&D collaborations and government contracts, risk sharing development agreements, capitalization of development cost, rights from IP licences, accrued accounting requirements for long-term agreements (with CROs), demanding accounting standards for equity-based compensation plans, accounting requirement from government agencies, transfer price agreements, tax credits and grants, we have lived (and suffered) through these challenges.

Additionally, when entering discussions of a larger financing round or considering a public offering (IPO), a prospectus based on an international accounting standard like IFRS is required by investors or the regulatory authorities. We invite you to use are sound experience to convert your local accounts into IFRS and support you efficiently with preparing the (listing) prospectus.

You will see what difference it makes to partner with an accounting firm like us that understands the specific challenges of biotech and speaks your language.  

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