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Tax Advisory

In early-stage companies, taxes and related savings are always worth to be considered and analysed. While the privileges for holding and principal companies are no longer applicable since 2020, the new patent box system is sharply tailored to incentive companies who undertake innovative R&D activities in Switzerland. The new Federal Act, applicable since January 2020, brings in brief words the following advantages for R&D companies:

  • Additional R&D deductions (“mark-up”) of up to 50% on the effective R&D expenses can be granted to reduce taxable income (today or in future)

  • Profit related to registered patents in Switzerland, will be taxed separated from other profits with a discount of up to 90% (Patent Box). This includes licencing income, product sales, profit from sale of patents and registered technology.


When determining the value of a product or the Company, not only today’s revenue streams are relevant, but especially income and profit generated in the future. Hence, a lower tax burden will impact the discounted net present value positively and result in a higher valuation of your company for financing rounds and in an Exit scenario.


Contact us and we can help you identify what it takes to benefit from the Patent Box set-up.


Additionally, we can support you in the following fields:

  • Stamp duty and other levy related to capital increases

  • Preparation and filing of annual state and canton taxes

  • Development and filing of tax rulings

  • Quarterly VAT filing and support in federal VAT audits


Our experience with other clients shows, that a proactive and comprehensive approach on taxes saves you from potential penalties and interests for non-compliance and prevents you from time consuming discussions with authorities.. and it does not take a lot to be become proactive!


Our tax experts will take great satisfaction in supporting you with tailored solutions to your questions. Contact us today!

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