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Part-time Chief Financial Officer Services

Very often the volume of transactions in a small or medium-sized biotech company does not justify a full time CFO position. Nevertheless, the complex and demanding accounting, financing, and regulatory environment, require a professional management of your finance function.

We can provide a part-time CFO to your business to manage your finance function professionally and effectively. This will enable your company to run a state-of-the-art finance department and be able to tackle increasing and  demanding financial challenges at any time.

We can support your and your team on the following tasks:

  • Financial Plan and Business Plan development

  • Product and Company valuation for in-development and on the market’s products

  • Short and mid-term Budget and Financial Forecast preparation

  • Equity and debt financing scenarios

  • Cap Table management and simulation of dilution scenarios

  • Working Capital and Cash Flow optimization

  • Due diligence and purchase price support

  • IPO and prospectus preparation

  • Risk management and financial internal control systems

  • Implementation of ERP system and optimization of procurement and sales process (P2P, O2C)

  • Accompany financial audits and support in RFPs

  • Establishing relationship with auditors, banks, insurances, etc.


We can adapt our support to your needs, whether on a monthly, weekly, or daily routine and in dependence of your critical tasks and special projects. This will not only allow you to fully focus on the development of the business, but also save you precious money compared to a permanent CFO position.

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